Weekend Recap and Monday

First of all I want you to know I won't usually write on Saturdays and Sundays.
So here's what happened :

Almost the entire day was burned up from me researching for an idea for my science project. I had to make a toy that only uses Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic systems. I also wanted to get a really high mark on it. So, I needed a really complex machine.

First I looked at at steam engines. Well, the very first thing I did was stare at my computer without a clue :D. Then, I started to look at steam engines. After looking at various models of the steam engine, I finally admitted that this was just a bit too complex. So, then I looked through the Internet for about 3 hours searching for another idea.

It took me about 3 and a half hours to finally find an idea. I found this boat that worked with the power of steam. 

Then, once I was done searching for ideas, (by the way my dad was helping me find and idea as well :D) I had to clean all of upstairs. My sister didn't do any of it because she was "studying".
Anyway, once I was done, my dad told us to prepare some songs that we could sing to the seniors. We've done this once before, in December. So we decided to do that.

We practised the song called Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.  Then, we recorded it. The bad thing was that we had to get into our "formal" clothes to make the video portion. This took us about half an hour, by which time, my mom was making supper. I really wanted to help. So, as soon as I was done getting ready, I went downstairs to help. Then, my dad said that we could do it tomorrow instead, because we had to watch a movie after.

So, once we had supper, we showered and went down stairs to watch this movie called Snowtime.
It began pretty good, but then slowly decreased interest. It was basically about a group of little kids having a snowball fight.  I recalled watching a movie similar to this in French class, back in Ontario. Although that movie had a way better plot line that this movie.

It was around 2 when we were finished watching the movie. I had started a bit of the post before the movie but never got to finish. So here I am writing to you guys after a WHOLE day!
I'm so so so sorry about delaying the post, but I don't think I could have written a proper post yesterday, or today morning I guess :D.

Okay so I think I'm going to combine the post for today and yesterday because today is almost done.
So today, my dad forced us out of bed to talk to our grad parents and aunt. They spoke in our language, which, to be honest I find difficult to pronounce. Anyway, we had a decent conversation, with the basics; how are you, when are you coming back to visit, what did you eat, how's school and are you studying. After this conversation, I sat down on the sofa and napped for a bit.
Then, my dad said I HAD to eat. He made milk rice. It's usually a favourite of mine, but I really didn't feel like eating right at the moment. But since my dad insisted, I ate. It was pretty good.
Then, I got right to work. I had a math contest in a few days. You would know this if you read m earlier posts. But anyway, I started to study for it, doing a couple of the practice math tests. I fully regret not studying a bit earlier because I keep getting the same kind of questions wrong. So I kept practising.

When I finally stopped, I went over to my mom. As soon as I did, she told me to talk to my other aunt. She was very nice and gave me some tips to keep acne off my face, the she phoned again, when I wasn't at home. So my mom said to call and thank her. So I did. She is VERY nice! After I was done talking to her, I sat on the sofa and read.

The day practically flew by! After I read, I practised my Piano and sax pieces. By the way, I have a red saxophone. I just wanted to tell you that because all of my friends think it's cool. B)
Then, I took a shower and ate a hot dog and a full bowl of ice cream. I really need to cut down on the food I'm eating! Anyhow, now here I am writing a recap post.

I happy and sad to inform that Sunday was the last day of winter break. Yes. I was on break. I wasn't skipping school, or anything, to write to you guys :D. Even though, I will still wrote to you guys every day (except weekends).

And today was a normal school day. We had Band for first period; Math for second; English, for third; Health, Science and Phys. Ed followed after lunch.

I have to go and study for that Math Contest that's coming up really quick! 
So catch you later!

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