What Was That?

Ooooooo................. made a sound. Merliah wondered what it was.In the middle of everything "You might need some spying to do"a voice said. "Who said that?" shouted Merliah. But there was no answer. It was totally quiet. Ooooooo.................. the sound appeared again. Then Merliah though about what the voice said. "Maybe I do need some spying to do" she though. Ooooooo............... the sound, it was back! Merliah tried to follow the sound. But the sound faded away before Merliah could even run for 2 minutes. "Maybe you need a team of spies" the voice appeared out of nowhere. If you are thinking of having a team of spies, I would be your first member" said the voice with a sour-throat. (At least it sounded like the voice had a sour-throat!) "who are you? and what do you want from me?" Merliah asked. then a figure came out of  the cherry bush. "My names is Harry Braces and I'm here to help you find out who or what made that Oooooooing..... sound" he finished. "And what is your name?" he asked "my name is Merliah Frost" she said. "let's find some more members to the team" she said excited

                                                              20 minutes later 
The Spy  Team
"OK we got enough members for the spying team. And can we have your names please?" Merliah asked "my name is Gary McClain, my name is Betrick Ruben, my name is Henry Barben, my name is Nikki Green' my name is Nicole McKenzie and my name is Haley Sue" they all finished as harry jot there names down. "You are here to find out what-" Ooooooo................. It was that sound again. Cutting Merliah off. "what that sound was

                                                 2 days later
"Oh I found it. It is just wind blowing through a tree hole!" said Merliah. Then everyone started laughing. 

          Through the years they continued the spy team and they solved lots of mysteries