Colouful Autumn


Autumn is the time when leaves change colors.
The leaves colors are Yellow ,Red, Brown and Orange.  
The leaves slowly falls down to the ground. 
Little children makes a pile of leaves.
And they jump in to the pile of leaves.
They get a lot of leaves on them.
They laugh they laugh and they laugh.
Autumn is a fun sense to play.

-by Mithili


Science jokes

A scientist found a way   to make wool out of milk. There was only one problem it  made cows  look sheepish! Did you hear about the scientist who........

                                                          planted sugar because he wanted to raise candy  canes?
                                                          plated birdseed to grow canaries?
                                                          planted old cars for a bumper crop?

What did one atom say to another atom?

                                                      answer: nothing.Atoms can't talk!

Feed it and it lives.give it water and it dies.What is it?

                                                                       answer: Fire!

why dose a giraffe have such along neck?

                                            answer:Because its head is so far from its body!

What is the difference between the south pole and the north pole ?

                                                                  answer:The whole world