Weekend Recap and Monday

First of all I want you to know I won't usually write on Saturdays and Sundays.
So here's what happened :

Almost the entire day was burned up from me researching for an idea for my science project. I had to make a toy that only uses Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic systems. I also wanted to get a really high mark on it. So, I needed a really complex machine.

First I looked at at steam engines. Well, the very first thing I did was stare at my computer without a clue :D. Then, I started to look at steam engines. After looking at various models of the steam engine, I finally admitted that this was just a bit too complex. So, then I looked through the Internet for about 3 hours searching for another idea.

It took me about 3 and a half hours to finally find an idea. I found this boat that worked with the power of steam. 

Then, once I was done searching for ideas, (by the way my dad was helping me find and idea as well :D) I had to clean all of upstairs. My sister didn't do any of it because she was "studying".
Anyway, once I was done, my dad told us to prepare some songs that we could sing to the seniors. We've done this once before, in December. So we decided to do that.

We practised the song called Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.  Then, we recorded it. The bad thing was that we had to get into our "formal" clothes to make the video portion. This took us about half an hour, by which time, my mom was making supper. I really wanted to help. So, as soon as I was done getting ready, I went downstairs to help. Then, my dad said that we could do it tomorrow instead, because we had to watch a movie after.

So, once we had supper, we showered and went down stairs to watch this movie called Snowtime.
It began pretty good, but then slowly decreased interest. It was basically about a group of little kids having a snowball fight.  I recalled watching a movie similar to this in French class, back in Ontario. Although that movie had a way better plot line that this movie.

It was around 2 when we were finished watching the movie. I had started a bit of the post before the movie but never got to finish. So here I am writing to you guys after a WHOLE day!
I'm so so so sorry about delaying the post, but I don't think I could have written a proper post yesterday, or today morning I guess :D.

Okay so I think I'm going to combine the post for today and yesterday because today is almost done.
So today, my dad forced us out of bed to talk to our grad parents and aunt. They spoke in our language, which, to be honest I find difficult to pronounce. Anyway, we had a decent conversation, with the basics; how are you, when are you coming back to visit, what did you eat, how's school and are you studying. After this conversation, I sat down on the sofa and napped for a bit.
Then, my dad said I HAD to eat. He made milk rice. It's usually a favourite of mine, but I really didn't feel like eating right at the moment. But since my dad insisted, I ate. It was pretty good.
Then, I got right to work. I had a math contest in a few days. You would know this if you read m earlier posts. But anyway, I started to study for it, doing a couple of the practice math tests. I fully regret not studying a bit earlier because I keep getting the same kind of questions wrong. So I kept practising.

When I finally stopped, I went over to my mom. As soon as I did, she told me to talk to my other aunt. She was very nice and gave me some tips to keep acne off my face, the she phoned again, when I wasn't at home. So my mom said to call and thank her. So I did. She is VERY nice! After I was done talking to her, I sat on the sofa and read.

The day practically flew by! After I read, I practised my Piano and sax pieces. By the way, I have a red saxophone. I just wanted to tell you that because all of my friends think it's cool. B)
Then, I took a shower and ate a hot dog and a full bowl of ice cream. I really need to cut down on the food I'm eating! Anyhow, now here I am writing a recap post.

I happy and sad to inform that Sunday was the last day of winter break. Yes. I was on break. I wasn't skipping school, or anything, to write to you guys :D. Even though, I will still wrote to you guys every day (except weekends).

And today was a normal school day. We had Band for first period; Math for second; English, for third; Health, Science and Phys. Ed followed after lunch.

I have to go and study for that Math Contest that's coming up really quick! 
So catch you later!


Math Contest and Camping Plans


Today's time was burned up from reading, playing piano, napping, practising math problems, and booking hotels for the Spring  Break.

I guess today was a pretty good day. I'm pretty sure my awesome Grade 5 teacher would hate this post because I said today was "good" and she HATES that, because it doesn't describe or give any information about the day! Anyway, I started the day with checking the blog, as usual (it's turned into a routine now :D).

Then I refreshed and got right to business. I had a ton of things to get done today (Well probably not a ton.  But still!) I had to study and practice extra math problems, read (I really didn't HAVE to do this but I did anyway :D), practice my saxophone and piano pieces for Music Festival and nap ;). So, I started with math problems because those were the most important, because the math contest was coming up in a few days. My principal arranged this math contest. There were about 40 questions and you have to get as many as possible done ASAP. So, I began my brain training. I did multiple of those practice tests, that my awesome principal gave me. This was very helpful! He is really awesome!!  After doing a ton of these, my brain needed a break, so I decided to read. I read for a few minutes and my head started to hurt. So I took a mini nap.

After my mini nap, my mom said we could go and watch a movie. It took us about an hour to choose a movie, after browsing through all of the movies on Netflix. We finally decided to watch this movie called The Song of the Sea. It was a movie for ages 8-10 :D but I didn't have any other good recommendations and my sister was BEGGING me to watch it. (She had already watched this movie with my mom and she wanted me to watch it as well) In the end, it was an okay movie. It wasn't the BEST but it also want the WORST. It was about this cute little girl Saoirse and Ben, her brother, going to venture the sea and free fairies, which were trapped on Earth. She is a child who is the last of the selkies, women who transform into seals, when they come into contact with water and turns into people when they are on land. 

After this, my dad and mom began to look at hotels that we could go to over the Spring Break. Then, since I thought this was cool, I came to give out my opinion. And this dragged my sister into it as well. In fact, they are still looking at hotels right now; I think :D. But I came to write to you guys! 
The Calgary Flames!!

AND I just checked the score for the Calgary Flames game ( they are a Canadian Ice Hockey team. They are my favourite!!) Anyway, they are currently winning 5 to 2 against the Vancouver Canucks!! 

My mom just told me to go to bed and I'm feeling a bit sleepy myself so, I think I'm going to bed now :D.

Stay tuned for more!!

Here's an audio track of the post. I made a few changes in the audio compare to the post, see if you can spot those and comment!! Lets see who can spot the most!! And if you were wondering, the background music is Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud, if you haven't already listened to it, you should!! 


The White Abyss, Gastritis and the Clinic


Today, I was feeling nauseous all day...almost. When I woke up, I found my dad left to get his SUV checked up (there is a post on that in the post Shopping, Haircuts and Snowstorms). Instead of waking up right away, I decided to check the blog to see how it was doing and if there were any comments. To my surprise, there was one comment! I quickly replied to it and almost as soon as I was finished, I heard  my mom call us. So I ran upstairs to meet her! As soon as I made it upstairs, she told us to get ready. I knew why; we had a check up with our family doctor.

So we refreshed, did our hair and made our way downstairs. I was a bit slow today, because I kept feeling queasy. When I told my mom this, she gave me some medicine that should have helped; only it didn't...at least not to the extent that I noticed a change.  So she told me it must be Gastritis, when the stomach acids splash into the esophagus... I think (if you want to learn more about Gastritis, then I'm pretty sure my dad has a post on it. His blog is http://www.nursinglk.com/). Anyway, the best cure for this was to eat. And the worst part was, when you have it the last thing you want to do is eat. So, I forced myself to eat something. I'm pretty certain it helped, because the queasiness vanished, in mere minutes.

Then, my dad arrived. So we made him eat an early lunch. Then, we made our way to the SUV and got on the road. It was a warm day out; 0 degrees. The air felt nice too, not too humid; not too dry. Once we were on the road, I was getting ready for a normal 45 minute drive. Only, almost 15 minutes after we got on the road, a very thick blanket fog blinds us. The worst part is that the snow on the ground, which is also white, makes it seem like we were entering a white abyss. It was a very weird and cool feeling. Although, I admit, driving will be a whole other story, considering you could only see a few meters ahead.

Once we safely arrived at the clinic, we had to wait almost a full hour until the doctor arrived. I guess it was a busy day. Once she finally arrived, we got our check up and we were out of the clinic in less than 30 minutes. She is a very nice and smart doctor though.

Then, on the way back the same fog had settled around us. It was only after about 30 minutes that the fog lifted and we could see clearly. At this point, I had been getting bits of queasiness, so I decided to stare at the horizon, which is supposed to stop the queasiness feeling. I guess it helped a little, but my nauseousness did not completely disappear.

When we made it home, I decided to limit all physical activity, because that seem to make my nauseousness worse. So I draped myself over the couch and read my book for about 2 hours. I'm pretty sure the most I'm supposed to read is 30 minutes, but I made an exception today. What's one day of extreme reading going to do to my eyes anyway?

About 30 minutes ago, we ate supper. About 10 minutes ago, my mom insisted I sleep, but I had to write to you guys. Now my nauseousness is coming back. I think I'm going to sleep and see if that helps.

Catch you later!

A World without Direction

                A World Without Direction

                                                                        Author: Mithili

                                                                        Editor: Dinithi

She was the queen of Cloud Castle , her horses were roaming around feeding on the leafy floor- “Amelie!, Amelie!” she woke up in a startle it was her little brother Jake. “ It’s Sunday! We get to cook something for papa and mama!”, Amelie didn’t move. “Amelie wake up!” Jake screamed, Amelie groaned as she got to her feet. “ Okay I’m coming!”, she sounded annoyed,but to say the truth she loved Sundays.

Jake was already in the kitchen with his hat on top of his black hair, a pot , and some tomatoes. Amelie already guessing they were going to make tomato soup, went straight for the salt,bay leaves,butter, and water. Amelie diced up some tomatoes and put the tomatoes and some bay leaves in a pot and turned the heat up. Then, she added 1 cup of water,2 pinches of salt and a table spoon of butter, and put it in a blender for a minute. She took out four bowls and put the soup and some bay leaves in, while Jake quickly did the table. Jake then ran into their parent’s room and woke them up.


Good Food and Boring Hours


I'm doing a very early post today because I'm feeling very bored today.

For some odd reason, I decided to wake up at around 8:50 in the morning even though it was the break. Then I had breakfast, which was extremely unhealthy, a hot dog. My mom was very displeased but she let me have it anyway as a one time thing. So I did. It was pretty good,  although to be honest, I didn't fully taste it. I guess my senses were still asleep.

Then, I refreshed and began the day. First thing I did was play piano. In March there is a major recital called the Music Festival that I am a part of, for both piano and saxophone. So, I decided to practice my pieces. I played the piano for about an hour, drilling sections of the music to get it perfect. Then, I practised my saxophone pieces. My solo was pretty difficult because it has very high notes, which needs a lot of air. I played saxophone for another half hour and then I began my daily ritual of looking for food. Even if I'm not hungry, I NEED something to munch on! It's a terrible habit! I'm trying my best to slow and eventually stop it :) That may take time...

Anyhow, after looking around, I didn't find anything I wanted. (This is also a problem because I have so many cravings that I can't find one thing that I want!) So I decided to bother my mom and ask her to make something to eat. She agreed. We ended up making Mango Bubble Tea. It was AMAZING! If you want the recipe, just ask in the comments!

After that , I was very full! Let me tell you those drinks fill you right up! I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to eat supper, never mind lunch! In any case, I dragged myself to the study room to work on some homework. And by the way I think my computer will survive!! I only found this out after 5:30, so I didn't get a chance to work on CAD or French. So I just gaze aimlessly at my wall trying to think of something to do. When my mom finally told me to do some math. Yeah I was doing math over the break. It actually gets your brain working. This was good because now I had something to do for at least another hour.

When I finished with the math, I decided to fill out the badminton forms. It took me only about 10 minutes and I was done. I was hoping I would take a little longer than that! Sadly for me, it didn't. 
So now I had to find something to do.

I went over to my mom who was looking through Facebook. Then we somehow ended up looking at different cool hairstyle videos. That burned up time until it was time my dad came home. After he came home, he told me my  computer was ok and he really like the Bubble Tea. I was very happy.

Then I began to read this book called Shopaholic to the Rescue. I know the title sounds really cheesy and kid like, but the book had nothing that kids would read. It was about this girl, loosing her dad and her best friends husband at the same time. They end up going on a road trip trying to track down the two men. The story has way more to it than that, but it's too much for my sore thumbs to type. So just comment below if you want me to tell you more. 

I read the book until right now, or when I started this post, I guess. I think this actually took me about half an hour to type up! Wow! I type slow!

Oh well...my thumbs are still numb. I'm going to try to put a heat pad on them to see if that works.

Talk to you later!


Nail Polish Remover and Computers


Since it was break, I woke up at around 9:15. First things I did was check the blog to make sure people were still coming! And I was not disappointed! Thanks for those of you visiting almost every day!

Anyway, after waking up, I ate a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey. I t was delicious! You should try it sometime if you get the chance! So after eating, I went upstairs to refresh. After that, I changed my clothes and put my hair up. It was quite a time consuming process since, I couldn't get my bang to work with me! I was extremely frustrated! But fortunately, I eventually got it together and found a hairstyle that worked...at least temporarily.

Now you must be wondering where the nail polish and Computers part comes into this post. Well, it started like this...

After we refreshed and were ready, we decided to paint our nails; we being my sister and I. I found this gorgeous dark blue polish that I've never used before, so I decided to give it a try. It turned out pretty well if I should say. It was a whole other story for my sister. She was trying this beautiful dark red colour, but wasn't quite painting on the nail, if you know what I mean. To be honest I'm not much better. The trick is to leave it until it dries and then take off all of the polish that you smeared on your finger. Anyhow, since she definitely wouldn't be able to do her right hand (she's right handed by the way) she asked me to help her. Since I was feeling very generous and kind today, I agreed. Only after I started, she started to complain that the paint was just a bit off the nail. I explained to her that she could fix it after I was done doing her nails. Sadly for me, a few seconds after I finished painting, I watched as all of my hard work got wiped on a tissue paper. It was almost heart breaking! After seeing that, I was very frustrated and angry with her that I told her to do it by herself and stomped my way down the stairs and into our study room to get some homework done. I started with CAD 20, and then went to French. I'm not going to explain why I do this course on this post because it is irrelevant to the story I'm telling you. If you are curious, just post a comment and I will be happy to explain.

Anyway, after a few minutes, my sister comes down stairs and into the study room with her nail polish and nail polish remover. I regret not playing attention to this at the time. She started to blame me that she wasn't going to get all if her work done because I didn't help her with her nail polish. By the way, she does that same thing I do for courses. Anyway, I was so confused how her nails were related to getting her homework done, that I kind of felt bad. So I decided I was going to help her after all. Since I was too lazy to go over to her table, I asked her to come over to mine, which had my very expensive laptop on it. If you can't imagine what happened next, I'm going to tell you. The nail polish tipped over, somehow, and landed right on my computer keyboard!! I saw all of it slow motion. I tried so hard to stop it from spilling, but I was too slow!

After the spill, I quickly cleaned my keyboard up, making sure to get under the keys. Then I yelled at my sister, although it want quite all her fault. Then I went back to work thinking that the acetone will evaporate  before it could do any damage to my computer.

Guess what? I was wrong! After a few minutes of working, I had to type numbers, for some reason that I can't quite recall. When I types the number 5, it kept repeating itself without my doing anything. This got my heart beating. I could literally feel it beating, like it was trying to beat it's way out. So, I tried everything that seemed logical. I turned off my computer and turned it back on, blew hot air into the key slot, tried to stick a bit of Kleenex into the slot; but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to ask the Internet for help. I watched a video and I said to turn off the computer immediately after the spill...well too late for that! But I shut it down and unplugged the charger. Then it said to flip the computer upside down or to the side. Which  I did. The next step involved a lot of patience. It
said to wait as long as possible having that computer upside down. If you know me, you will know I'm not always the most patient person in the world. So I decided to finally break the bad news to my dad. This is how the conversation went...
Then he told me how to clean it. He was pretty mad. I could understand this because he had paid for the computer and let me tell you, it was very expensive. Over a thousand dollars! I felt very guilty! But I couldn't do anything to make it better. So when my dad came, he quickly did the same things I had done. He yelled at me for a bit, but I guess I deserved that! 

The sentence that he said that finally calmed my very loud heart was "...it should be fine. I think the acetone will evaporate with the heat." Then he went on to saying something about being more careful around things, but I didn't hear most of it because I was doing my happy dance in my head.

Then the sentence "...but it might not be okay if the acetone settled in between the two layers.", killed my happy mood. Then my heart literally skipped a beat.

So now here I am writing to you guys through the Blogger app on my phone. That's not very unusual since I always write through my phone, but the fact that it was the only major thing that happened today is weird.

That was a very long post. My fingers are getting very tired. So I think I'm going to stop now.
I'll keep you posted on the state of my poor computer!

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow!


Family Day Fun


Happy family day to everyone!!

Today, I woke up at around 9:15 in the morning. When I looked through my blog posts, I realized that one of them was missing! I had a mini heart attack right there on the spot! So I quickly revised and republished the post! If you were wondering it was the Shopping, Snowstorms and Haircuts. I received my first comment after about a year!! You know who you are!! Thank you so much!

Anyway, after that, I got up , ate a blue berry muffin, and began to clean the house. I was assigned the top floor. The WHOLE top floor, while my sister only had to clean the study room! Life is so unfair! It took me about an hour to clean! To make it a better experience, I played some really good music!

After cleaning, we had to eat lunch. It was rice, Brussels sprouts and fried fish. To be honest, I did not like it very much. Especially because of he Brussels sprouts. I hate Brussels sprouts!! But, after lunch, I had another one of those delicious Kent mangoes. I could say I had a pretty well rounded meal.

When my mom came home from work, we decided to bake. So we made cookies and Ginger/ Honey pudding. Both were very tasty in the end.

After those delicious treats, my dad decided it was time we did a video for our YouTube channel called the Raindrops. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/THERaindropsChannel. You should definitely check it out! If there is a song or dance that you think we should do, just comment to this post and we will see what we can do!!

Anyway, we decided to dance. I hadn't danced, without pre planned moves, for a very long time that I almost forgot how to do it! But fortunately for me, after a few practice sessions, I got the hang of it again! I think we're going to publish those videos tomorrow.

After the exhausting dance session, we had to eat supper. I was looking forward to eating supper because it was supposed to be salad. I came running up the stairs in my giddy mood; to find my mom serving rice. I was so mad that I asked her why we weren't eating salad in a very angry tone. She simply said we were going to have salad tomorrow for lunch. I was overwhelmed with anger I couldn't speak any more! Instead of replying to her statement, a stomped my way to the couch and sat down. My anger eventually fuelled out and I was eating yet another plate of Brussels sprouts and rice. I hated this meal!!

To make this day a little bit better, my mom said we're going to watch a movie together. This lifted my spirits quite a bit. Even thought we had two movie nights straight over the weekend, I wanted more. We decided on watching the movie Savior. It's a very old movie that didn't seem interesting  at first but once I saw a bit of it, I was awestruck! I honestly didn't think that a movie that old could possibly be that amazing. It almost made me cry and have a heart attack and stroke and an asthma attack all at the same time. And let me tell you that does not happen very often!

We just finished the movie a few minutes ago. It was true a master piece. If you get a chance to watch this movie; do it! It is a very worthwhile movie.

It's 10:55 right now. I think I'm going to bed.

Thanks for reading this! Look for my next post tomorrow! I will be doing a post everyday around the same time. So visit frequently!
Thanks! And happy holidays!


Moose Jaw Madness


I just want to thank the people who are reading this right now. I'm hoping to do at least one post per day. So visit frequently!

Anyhow, today,  I was awake at about 9 am. We were originally supposed to have today as a relaxation day, but as soon as my dad woke up, the only thing he wanted to do was go somewhere. 
So, we agreed. After looking at some of the places, we decided to go to Moose Jaw. It was about 3 hours away. So we got ready for the long ride.

Throughout the whole ride, the sun was shining directly in my eyes. It was so painful, but I managed to block it out by using my mom's scarf. To be honest, the ride was without any problems or fun. I was bored by the first hour. For most of the ride, we just talked amongst each other, and ate food. My favourite part was the food.  If you can't tell already, I love food.

Anyway, once we finally got to our destination, we saw lots of people riding their trucks and cars on the frozen lake. I thought it was very cool! We drove around the area, looking for anything interesting enough to stop and look at. Finally, we found a place, with a lot of trees and a playground that was quite close to the river. My sister and I immediately ran for the swings. We LOVE the swings! While we were swinging our hearts out, my dad was taking beautiful pictures of the frozen landscape.

Once I got tired of swinging, I started to inspect the trees to find the most suitable one to climb. I decided a tree close to where my mom was sitting was the best. I'm skilled at climbing, with running shoes, but with boots, it's a whole other story! I almost slipped off the trunk of the tree that I was standing on for support! After that ordeal, I gave up on climbing trees.

Almost at the same time, my sister got of the swings. We needed something to do. So we decided to try walking across the frozen lake. I was the first to go! I'm pretty proud of myself! Beside me, once they caught up, was my dad and sister. My mom didn't like the idea of walking across the ice that could break at any time and stayed behind. She could be the lifesaver if one of us happen to break through the ice. My dad and I made it safely to the middle area of the river, but my sister went back to grab her snow pants and her beloved stick. She loves sticks. Sadly for her, we decided it was a waste of time to go  back to our car to get her snow pants.  So, she grabbed her stick and carefully made her way towards us. When she finally made it, she stuck the stick where we were standing as a flag. After that, my mom snapped some pictures of us and we made our way back to solid ground.

Then, we drank some of my mom's delicious lemonade and drove to the Moose Jaw city, where we shopped around for a few minutes. Sadly, there was nothing to buy. So, we set our GPS to our house and got ready for yet another long and boring ride. On the way back, I slept. When I woke up, we had about 45 more minutes until we were home, so I decided to play on my phone. My mom showed me this game called Solitaire that I was addicted to for almost half the ride.  When I was bored with the game, I went on to the one of other games I have on my phone. I played that and listened and sang along with the radio.

Finally, when we arrived at home, my mom quickly made us supper. It was rice with fish. It was pretty good. For dessert, we had mangoes. Let me tell you, those fruits are one of the best. If you haven't tried Kent mangoes, you should definitely try them!

After eating, my sister and I went downstairs and played Just Dance until my mom told us to go to bed. I told her that I had to write to you guys, so she made an exception.

I have to go to bed now.

Check for my next post tomorrow!

Shopping, Haircuts and Snowstorms


First of all, I want to apologize for postponing this post! Yesterday was a very busy day.

At around 10:30, my sister and I woke up. As soon as we were in the living room, my mom said to quickly eat breakfast and get ready. I was extremely confused, because, it seems my brain was not quite awake yet! So, I asked her why. Her reply was that we had to go to the city. Now, my brain suddenly awakens and commands me to be excited. I was quite excited, to be honest! This was because, I was getting my haircut today!! I had been counting down the days until this day!

After eating breakfast, I quickly got dressed, while yelling at my sister to pick up the pace. She is very slow, when it comes to doing anything in the mornings, because she always jokes around. When we were finally dressed and ready to go, I ran (probably not the best idea, since there was a lot of ice), to the car, calling shotgun, to get the front passenger seat.  I did, if you were wondering.  Since, everyone else was still putting their shoes on, I had to wait in the cold SUV. I was half frozen, when they came to my rescue. Well that may be an over exaggeration! 

Anyway, once we got moving, it was a nice day out. As I do, very often,  I spoke too soon. A blizzard blinded us. To make matters worse, our car kept showing an error. This got my heart beating, because I, for one, did not want to blow up in my favourite car. As soon as the error code appeared, my dad pulled over to check the Owner's Manuel. In the end, I was the one searching through that very confusing book. After I found what I was looking for, I was hit with relief. This is because it said that this error was not fatal and will clear itself out as soon as the road conditions get better. Even so, we drove to the place we bought our car to ask them if it was okay to drive. They said it was fine to drive. But my dad insisted they do a check up ASAP. So he got a date to get the SUV checked up.

After all of that drama, we finally went shopping! Although, I did  not enjoy this kind of shopping, where most of what we buy were greens, fruit and meat. Fortunately, I convinced my mom to buy me a pair of shoes, which I got! They were good running shoes, that I will need for Track.

After shopping, we finally went to the salon. I was so excited that I forgot we needed an appointment with my stylist and my sister's to have our hair cut. So we got an appointment for mine and my sister's  hair to be cut. Sadly the appointment was an hour and 45 minutes from the time we made the appointment. So we had to wait. Fortunately, my mom still had some more shopping to do. So we went to the store and bought 400 dollars worth of food and drinks. When we were finally done shopping for food, it was time!!

Once we made it to the hair dressers, my hair stylist was already there. So, the hair cutting process started with a massaging shampooing. This is usually my favourite part of the whole process. After the shampooing, I told her I wanted to get a trim for my layers and side parted bangs. She did a good job of the layers but I'm not sure about the bangs. It seemed like she cut a bit of my hair wrong. Who knows, maybe it's the style! I definitely didn't know so I let it go.

Finally we were done. On our way back home, nothing interesting  happened. I listened to some really good music and scanned outside to make sure there were no deer or other animals that may cross the road. Fortunately for me, there were none. The day was done.

For supper I got to make salad and salmon fillet. It was delicious!!

All in all, yesterday was a very good but tiring day!

If you were wondering how my ankle was doing, it getting better.

Catch you later,


Valentine's Day Drama


Today was Valentine's Day for school, since it is a Friday before our week long-break. I'm looking forward to a week of resting, reading, watching TV and sleeping.

Today in school, we had a special activity for Valentine's Day in period 4. I was looking forward to this activity, and I wasn't disappointed. The first activity was called Bachelor and Bachelorette. This was a very fun activity, where three Bachelors or Bachelorette will be lined up behind a cover and we're a asked questions that the Bachelor or Bachelorette, on the other side of the cover, created. In the end, the single person acting as the Bachelor will have to choose the one he or she thinks best suits them. I found it really funny when our vice principal was one of the Bachelors and was chosen. This was a very fun activity.

Next we watched a video that the SRC put together. It showed clips that asked people about their "true loves" and clips where people pretending to be Cupid would play matchmaker.

After the video, we had to return to our normal classes, which for me was Computers. Sadly for me, I was finished all of the assignments. For most of the class, I watched people work on their assignments and helped them when they needed help. For the rest of class, I played a game called Free Rice, where it would ask questions, and for every correct answer, there would be a certain amount of rice grains donated. To be honest, I don't know how answering questions about chemistry or anatomy would produce rice, but it was a good game that got my brain working.

After computers, we had Phys. Ed. I was dreading this class mostly be use of my ankle. I didn't know if I should play or not. I was going to ask my Phys. Ed teacher if I should or not, but she wasn't there until the bell rang, by which time I convinced myself to suck it up and play. Today was a games day, so we chose to play the games Dodge Ball, Doctor Doctor, Swamp-ball and Mayhem. In the end, we only had a chance to play one of the games. The game was very fun, except for the few people goofing around, but we also got them to play in the end. Sadly, my team lost!

After Phys. Ed, my three friends and I walked home, when I rolled my already - rolled ankle for the second time today! If you were wondering, I rolled it once in Computers. It was very painful!

I'm hoping my ankle will heal before badminton try-outs. I had the experience of deja vu when I rolled my ankle, yesterday because I had rolled my ankle last year, nearing the badminton season. I'm feeling  very angry at my ankle right now, even though I know it's my fault in the first place!

The good thing is that my ankle feels much better now than it did the day that I rolled it ,  which... should happen! So I'm really hoping that the week of rest will pay off and my ankle will be healed!

Wish me luck! 

PS. I'm trying this method of diary entry type posts. Comment below and tell me if you like this better!

Enjoying Another Day

Hi friends out there reading this, 

Today is February 11.  It's 10:47 pm right now.Today was a very tiring day!

The main reason is because I rolled my ankle yesterday, when I was playing basketball in Phys. Ed. The only thing that made it worse was we had sectionals that same day, right after school! By the way, this is my first year of playing basketball, so I'm pretty bad. Anyhow, I asked my coach if I should play or not, but he said it was my choice. So I decided it couldn't get worse than it already has and got dressed for the game. This game was against the Blazers. To be honest, they are the toughest team we have played this season so far. Let me tell you that it was the toughest game I have ever played on a basketball team, even though I only got to play for about 5 minutes. Anyway, it was a very close game. The final score was 31 - 17. That may seem like a terrible score, but compared to all the other games we had with the Blazers, I'm pretty proud of our team!

So, after those tiring 5 minutes,  my ankle felt pretty sore. I was glad that we had a 45 minute break. In that time, I had my lunch with one of my friends. After we had lunch, we watched the Saints play the Blazers. They Blazers were not going to loose this game! They won with a score that was quite close to 65- 8.

Now it was our turn to play the Saints. This was supposed to be the game that I played the most time in, but after the first 3 minutes, my ankle felt like it was broken! So, I stepped down and let another one of my team mates take my place. For the rest of the game, I sat on the bench and cheered my heart out. I guess all that cheering paid off, because we won! I was so jumbled up in the crowd of cheering people, that I forgot all about the score! It was a very good game for us, is all I know!
After the game, I was limping terribly! I felt like I would be better off without my ankles, to be honest! I hated my ankles right then! Even so, I limped up the stairs to my locker; grabbed my books and my jacket and left the school to find my dad's parked car. The first thing he asked me was "What happend to your leg?" I didn't think it was that visible! I really didn't want to make it a huge deal! Sadly, when I got home, my mom noticed it and insisted that she bandage it for me. I couldn't argue, so I agreed. It felt good anyways!

After her bandaging my ankle, I limped my way up the stairs, on to my bed. I hoped I could just fall asleep and forget my extremely painful ankles. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way! I stayed awake laying on my bed for, what felt like, forever! I was afraid to turn to my side, because I thought it would hurt my ankle. Eventually,  it seemed like I was asleep. I don't remember what I dreamed about, but it seemed like I didn't sleep at all.

When my alarm when off at 7:30 I felt very tired. Worst of all, I was still in pain! I couldn't miss school because I rolled my ankle, so I got out of bed and went downstairs to put two pieces of toast into the toaster; grab two glasses of milk and the Nutella. Once the toast was ready, 
I limped up the stairs and woke my sister up. She woke up slowly. Very slowly. I was already down the stairs and I was limping! Anyways, we ate breakfast and got ready for school. At 8:30, my alarm rang telling me I only had 10 more minutes to fix my mane of hair. It's bad enough having a mane of hair, but having a bad hair day and a mane of hair is the worst combo ever to have with the terribly rolled ankle and deep scratches on your hands! I was so mad and sad at the same time I didn't know what to do! When the final alarm rang, telling me that I had 5 minutes until we leave for school, I quickly French braided my hair and put my earrings in.

My dad drove us to school. If you were wondering, my sister and I go to differ schools. Anyhow, he dropped me off at school and I got ready for another exciting day. Unfortunately, it want very exciting. Mainly because I was having a terrible day. We had Science first, then Math ( I don't go to Math with my class because I've finished Grade 8 and 9 Math and a course called CAD 10 through the Distance Learning Center already.) Anyways, the day went pretty slow. Finally when the day was done, I had to carry my red saxophone and walk home. I was offered a ride, but I insisted I walk. So I did. It wasn't the most pleasurable walk I've had, but it wasn't terrible either. I talked with my grade 10 friend. She is a very nice person!

Anyhow, when the day was done, I was very tired!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It's Valentine's Day! I was told that we are going to be doing a special activity after lunch. I'm looking forward to that!

Catch you later,