Valentine's Day Drama


Today was Valentine's Day for school, since it is a Friday before our week long-break. I'm looking forward to a week of resting, reading, watching TV and sleeping.

Today in school, we had a special activity for Valentine's Day in period 4. I was looking forward to this activity, and I wasn't disappointed. The first activity was called Bachelor and Bachelorette. This was a very fun activity, where three Bachelors or Bachelorette will be lined up behind a cover and we're a asked questions that the Bachelor or Bachelorette, on the other side of the cover, created. In the end, the single person acting as the Bachelor will have to choose the one he or she thinks best suits them. I found it really funny when our vice principal was one of the Bachelors and was chosen. This was a very fun activity.

Next we watched a video that the SRC put together. It showed clips that asked people about their "true loves" and clips where people pretending to be Cupid would play matchmaker.

After the video, we had to return to our normal classes, which for me was Computers. Sadly for me, I was finished all of the assignments. For most of the class, I watched people work on their assignments and helped them when they needed help. For the rest of class, I played a game called Free Rice, where it would ask questions, and for every correct answer, there would be a certain amount of rice grains donated. To be honest, I don't know how answering questions about chemistry or anatomy would produce rice, but it was a good game that got my brain working.

After computers, we had Phys. Ed. I was dreading this class mostly be use of my ankle. I didn't know if I should play or not. I was going to ask my Phys. Ed teacher if I should or not, but she wasn't there until the bell rang, by which time I convinced myself to suck it up and play. Today was a games day, so we chose to play the games Dodge Ball, Doctor Doctor, Swamp-ball and Mayhem. In the end, we only had a chance to play one of the games. The game was very fun, except for the few people goofing around, but we also got them to play in the end. Sadly, my team lost!

After Phys. Ed, my three friends and I walked home, when I rolled my already - rolled ankle for the second time today! If you were wondering, I rolled it once in Computers. It was very painful!

I'm hoping my ankle will heal before badminton try-outs. I had the experience of deja vu when I rolled my ankle, yesterday because I had rolled my ankle last year, nearing the badminton season. I'm feeling  very angry at my ankle right now, even though I know it's my fault in the first place!

The good thing is that my ankle feels much better now than it did the day that I rolled it ,  which... should happen! So I'm really hoping that the week of rest will pay off and my ankle will be healed!

Wish me luck! 

PS. I'm trying this method of diary entry type posts. Comment below and tell me if you like this better!

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