Math Contest and Camping Plans


Today's time was burned up from reading, playing piano, napping, practising math problems, and booking hotels for the Spring  Break.

I guess today was a pretty good day. I'm pretty sure my awesome Grade 5 teacher would hate this post because I said today was "good" and she HATES that, because it doesn't describe or give any information about the day! Anyway, I started the day with checking the blog, as usual (it's turned into a routine now :D).

Then I refreshed and got right to business. I had a ton of things to get done today (Well probably not a ton.  But still!) I had to study and practice extra math problems, read (I really didn't HAVE to do this but I did anyway :D), practice my saxophone and piano pieces for Music Festival and nap ;). So, I started with math problems because those were the most important, because the math contest was coming up in a few days. My principal arranged this math contest. There were about 40 questions and you have to get as many as possible done ASAP. So, I began my brain training. I did multiple of those practice tests, that my awesome principal gave me. This was very helpful! He is really awesome!!  After doing a ton of these, my brain needed a break, so I decided to read. I read for a few minutes and my head started to hurt. So I took a mini nap.

After my mini nap, my mom said we could go and watch a movie. It took us about an hour to choose a movie, after browsing through all of the movies on Netflix. We finally decided to watch this movie called The Song of the Sea. It was a movie for ages 8-10 :D but I didn't have any other good recommendations and my sister was BEGGING me to watch it. (She had already watched this movie with my mom and she wanted me to watch it as well) In the end, it was an okay movie. It wasn't the BEST but it also want the WORST. It was about this cute little girl Saoirse and Ben, her brother, going to venture the sea and free fairies, which were trapped on Earth. She is a child who is the last of the selkies, women who transform into seals, when they come into contact with water and turns into people when they are on land. 

After this, my dad and mom began to look at hotels that we could go to over the Spring Break. Then, since I thought this was cool, I came to give out my opinion. And this dragged my sister into it as well. In fact, they are still looking at hotels right now; I think :D. But I came to write to you guys! 
The Calgary Flames!!

AND I just checked the score for the Calgary Flames game ( they are a Canadian Ice Hockey team. They are my favourite!!) Anyway, they are currently winning 5 to 2 against the Vancouver Canucks!! 

My mom just told me to go to bed and I'm feeling a bit sleepy myself so, I think I'm going to bed now :D.

Stay tuned for more!!

Here's an audio track of the post. I made a few changes in the audio compare to the post, see if you can spot those and comment!! Lets see who can spot the most!! And if you were wondering, the background music is Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud, if you haven't already listened to it, you should!! 


  1. Keep writing your blog Dinithi...!
    It's great to read all about your adventures and what you're learning.

  2. Nice work Dinithi..keep it up..