The White Abyss, Gastritis and the Clinic


Today, I was feeling nauseous all day...almost. When I woke up, I found my dad left to get his SUV checked up (there is a post on that in the post Shopping, Haircuts and Snowstorms). Instead of waking up right away, I decided to check the blog to see how it was doing and if there were any comments. To my surprise, there was one comment! I quickly replied to it and almost as soon as I was finished, I heard  my mom call us. So I ran upstairs to meet her! As soon as I made it upstairs, she told us to get ready. I knew why; we had a check up with our family doctor.

So we refreshed, did our hair and made our way downstairs. I was a bit slow today, because I kept feeling queasy. When I told my mom this, she gave me some medicine that should have helped; only it didn't...at least not to the extent that I noticed a change.  So she told me it must be Gastritis, when the stomach acids splash into the esophagus... I think (if you want to learn more about Gastritis, then I'm pretty sure my dad has a post on it. His blog is http://www.nursinglk.com/). Anyway, the best cure for this was to eat. And the worst part was, when you have it the last thing you want to do is eat. So, I forced myself to eat something. I'm pretty certain it helped, because the queasiness vanished, in mere minutes.

Then, my dad arrived. So we made him eat an early lunch. Then, we made our way to the SUV and got on the road. It was a warm day out; 0 degrees. The air felt nice too, not too humid; not too dry. Once we were on the road, I was getting ready for a normal 45 minute drive. Only, almost 15 minutes after we got on the road, a very thick blanket fog blinds us. The worst part is that the snow on the ground, which is also white, makes it seem like we were entering a white abyss. It was a very weird and cool feeling. Although, I admit, driving will be a whole other story, considering you could only see a few meters ahead.

Once we safely arrived at the clinic, we had to wait almost a full hour until the doctor arrived. I guess it was a busy day. Once she finally arrived, we got our check up and we were out of the clinic in less than 30 minutes. She is a very nice and smart doctor though.

Then, on the way back the same fog had settled around us. It was only after about 30 minutes that the fog lifted and we could see clearly. At this point, I had been getting bits of queasiness, so I decided to stare at the horizon, which is supposed to stop the queasiness feeling. I guess it helped a little, but my nauseousness did not completely disappear.

When we made it home, I decided to limit all physical activity, because that seem to make my nauseousness worse. So I draped myself over the couch and read my book for about 2 hours. I'm pretty sure the most I'm supposed to read is 30 minutes, but I made an exception today. What's one day of extreme reading going to do to my eyes anyway?

About 30 minutes ago, we ate supper. About 10 minutes ago, my mom insisted I sleep, but I had to write to you guys. Now my nauseousness is coming back. I think I'm going to sleep and see if that helps.

Catch you later!

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