Moose Jaw Madness


I just want to thank the people who are reading this right now. I'm hoping to do at least one post per day. So visit frequently!

Anyhow, today,  I was awake at about 9 am. We were originally supposed to have today as a relaxation day, but as soon as my dad woke up, the only thing he wanted to do was go somewhere. 
So, we agreed. After looking at some of the places, we decided to go to Moose Jaw. It was about 3 hours away. So we got ready for the long ride.

Throughout the whole ride, the sun was shining directly in my eyes. It was so painful, but I managed to block it out by using my mom's scarf. To be honest, the ride was without any problems or fun. I was bored by the first hour. For most of the ride, we just talked amongst each other, and ate food. My favourite part was the food.  If you can't tell already, I love food.

Anyway, once we finally got to our destination, we saw lots of people riding their trucks and cars on the frozen lake. I thought it was very cool! We drove around the area, looking for anything interesting enough to stop and look at. Finally, we found a place, with a lot of trees and a playground that was quite close to the river. My sister and I immediately ran for the swings. We LOVE the swings! While we were swinging our hearts out, my dad was taking beautiful pictures of the frozen landscape.

Once I got tired of swinging, I started to inspect the trees to find the most suitable one to climb. I decided a tree close to where my mom was sitting was the best. I'm skilled at climbing, with running shoes, but with boots, it's a whole other story! I almost slipped off the trunk of the tree that I was standing on for support! After that ordeal, I gave up on climbing trees.

Almost at the same time, my sister got of the swings. We needed something to do. So we decided to try walking across the frozen lake. I was the first to go! I'm pretty proud of myself! Beside me, once they caught up, was my dad and sister. My mom didn't like the idea of walking across the ice that could break at any time and stayed behind. She could be the lifesaver if one of us happen to break through the ice. My dad and I made it safely to the middle area of the river, but my sister went back to grab her snow pants and her beloved stick. She loves sticks. Sadly for her, we decided it was a waste of time to go  back to our car to get her snow pants.  So, she grabbed her stick and carefully made her way towards us. When she finally made it, she stuck the stick where we were standing as a flag. After that, my mom snapped some pictures of us and we made our way back to solid ground.

Then, we drank some of my mom's delicious lemonade and drove to the Moose Jaw city, where we shopped around for a few minutes. Sadly, there was nothing to buy. So, we set our GPS to our house and got ready for yet another long and boring ride. On the way back, I slept. When I woke up, we had about 45 more minutes until we were home, so I decided to play on my phone. My mom showed me this game called Solitaire that I was addicted to for almost half the ride.  When I was bored with the game, I went on to the one of other games I have on my phone. I played that and listened and sang along with the radio.

Finally, when we arrived at home, my mom quickly made us supper. It was rice with fish. It was pretty good. For dessert, we had mangoes. Let me tell you, those fruits are one of the best. If you haven't tried Kent mangoes, you should definitely try them!

After eating, my sister and I went downstairs and played Just Dance until my mom told us to go to bed. I told her that I had to write to you guys, so she made an exception.

I have to go to bed now.

Check for my next post tomorrow!


  1. Hey girly.. welcome back to blogger. now u two have grown up into fine young ladies. Waiting to read your posts more and more..

    _ Warsha - The Rain Girl _

    ( one of ur old friends )

    1. Thank you so much Warsha Akkie! I'm hoping to do one post every day. Feel free to comment if there is anything you think needs fixing, you have a question or you just feel like commenting! :)