Enjoying Another Day

Hi friends out there reading this, 

Today is February 11.  It's 10:47 pm right now.Today was a very tiring day!

The main reason is because I rolled my ankle yesterday, when I was playing basketball in Phys. Ed. The only thing that made it worse was we had sectionals that same day, right after school! By the way, this is my first year of playing basketball, so I'm pretty bad. Anyhow, I asked my coach if I should play or not, but he said it was my choice. So I decided it couldn't get worse than it already has and got dressed for the game. This game was against the Blazers. To be honest, they are the toughest team we have played this season so far. Let me tell you that it was the toughest game I have ever played on a basketball team, even though I only got to play for about 5 minutes. Anyway, it was a very close game. The final score was 31 - 17. That may seem like a terrible score, but compared to all the other games we had with the Blazers, I'm pretty proud of our team!

So, after those tiring 5 minutes,  my ankle felt pretty sore. I was glad that we had a 45 minute break. In that time, I had my lunch with one of my friends. After we had lunch, we watched the Saints play the Blazers. They Blazers were not going to loose this game! They won with a score that was quite close to 65- 8.

Now it was our turn to play the Saints. This was supposed to be the game that I played the most time in, but after the first 3 minutes, my ankle felt like it was broken! So, I stepped down and let another one of my team mates take my place. For the rest of the game, I sat on the bench and cheered my heart out. I guess all that cheering paid off, because we won! I was so jumbled up in the crowd of cheering people, that I forgot all about the score! It was a very good game for us, is all I know!
After the game, I was limping terribly! I felt like I would be better off without my ankles, to be honest! I hated my ankles right then! Even so, I limped up the stairs to my locker; grabbed my books and my jacket and left the school to find my dad's parked car. The first thing he asked me was "What happend to your leg?" I didn't think it was that visible! I really didn't want to make it a huge deal! Sadly, when I got home, my mom noticed it and insisted that she bandage it for me. I couldn't argue, so I agreed. It felt good anyways!

After her bandaging my ankle, I limped my way up the stairs, on to my bed. I hoped I could just fall asleep and forget my extremely painful ankles. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way! I stayed awake laying on my bed for, what felt like, forever! I was afraid to turn to my side, because I thought it would hurt my ankle. Eventually,  it seemed like I was asleep. I don't remember what I dreamed about, but it seemed like I didn't sleep at all.

When my alarm when off at 7:30 I felt very tired. Worst of all, I was still in pain! I couldn't miss school because I rolled my ankle, so I got out of bed and went downstairs to put two pieces of toast into the toaster; grab two glasses of milk and the Nutella. Once the toast was ready, 
I limped up the stairs and woke my sister up. She woke up slowly. Very slowly. I was already down the stairs and I was limping! Anyways, we ate breakfast and got ready for school. At 8:30, my alarm rang telling me I only had 10 more minutes to fix my mane of hair. It's bad enough having a mane of hair, but having a bad hair day and a mane of hair is the worst combo ever to have with the terribly rolled ankle and deep scratches on your hands! I was so mad and sad at the same time I didn't know what to do! When the final alarm rang, telling me that I had 5 minutes until we leave for school, I quickly French braided my hair and put my earrings in.

My dad drove us to school. If you were wondering, my sister and I go to differ schools. Anyhow, he dropped me off at school and I got ready for another exciting day. Unfortunately, it want very exciting. Mainly because I was having a terrible day. We had Science first, then Math ( I don't go to Math with my class because I've finished Grade 8 and 9 Math and a course called CAD 10 through the Distance Learning Center already.) Anyways, the day went pretty slow. Finally when the day was done, I had to carry my red saxophone and walk home. I was offered a ride, but I insisted I walk. So I did. It wasn't the most pleasurable walk I've had, but it wasn't terrible either. I talked with my grade 10 friend. She is a very nice person!

Anyhow, when the day was done, I was very tired!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It's Valentine's Day! I was told that we are going to be doing a special activity after lunch. I'm looking forward to that!

Catch you later,


  1. hey dinithi,
    i really liked ur entry. its pretty cool how you do so many awesome entries considering i hate writing. but don't get me wrong,i am obsessed with reading.

  2. Thanks Asara!! You know you can do some really cool things too right? ;) But yeah I LOVE reading too!! :)