Rabbits,Pikas,and Hares

Hares (Lepus Europaeus)

There are over 30 different species of Hares. Hares sometimes get mistaken for rabbits, but hares have longer ears and are bigger than rabbits. Not only that, but hares are less social than rabbits, and also are born with fur and open eyes.On the other hand, rabbits are born with no fur and eyes closed.

Hares come in all different colours tan, brown, white, and black. Their main diet is grass, fruits, and seeds. It's size is 36-71 cm it's weight is 1-5.5 kg. Hares have top speed of 72 km per hour! Most Hares are found in desert areas.

Unfortunately, Hares are on the threatened list in the conservation status.

We'll talk about Pikas next .

What is DNA ?

DNA is a molecule that contains the instructions an organism needs to thrive. These instructions are found inside every cell as are passed down from parent to their children.

DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides. Inside each nucleotide there IA a phosphate group, a sugar group , and a nitrogen base. The order of these bases determines the genetic code. Very much like the letters of the alphabet are used to make words, the order of the nitrogen bases form genes. Genes tell cells how to make protein. Another type of nucleic acid RNA ( ribonucleic acid) transmits genetic info from DNA into proteins.