A world of color and beauty

Many of us are familiar with listening to music, reading, and talking, it seems that it is a normal part of our lives. However, for some people, it is much different, Synesthesia is a condition in which a person is able to smell colours, see flavours, or taste sound. We all have a type of synesthesia, such as when we smell a fruit and know it is going to be sweet, this is most likely because the pathways for taste and smell are so close, but synesthesia is a more prominent version of what many people have.This condition varies in all of the people who have it, for example, one person with synesthesia might see the number 5 as red while the other sees it as blue, it all varies depending on the person. 


Animals are not our test subjects

Imagine being captured, taken away from what you have known your entire life. You have been put in a small room, so small you can’t move. The next day, someone takes you outside, but they inject you with something that causes crippling pain, and puts you back in the room, paying no mind to the state and pain you are in. However, imagine this ten times worse and for the rest of your life. Now, as you are a human, this would be considered unlawful, and the person doing that would be jailed, but this is the reality for many animals that are tested on for experiments and products. Animal testing must be banned everywhere because it is unethical, unnecessary, and is dangerous to the environment. Expanding on this, many of the times, during experiments, animals are hurt to find out if the product is safe for humans, which is unacceptable.

The Way Home (short story based on The Giver by Lois Lowry)


Jonas struggled to his feet, he looked down at Gabe, bundled up in his arms. Gabe had stopped shivering, and showing any signs that he was awake. The cabin up ahead was decorated with lights that used to work. One more step, Jonas thought as he struggled to move his stiff, unfeeling legs. Jonas caught a glimpse of something dark blooming against his hands, frostbite, he thought as he remembered the countless winters he had in the memories. Gabe stirred against his arms as Jonas entered the cabin surrounded by tall pine trees. 

Hung Vu's Story(inspired by Ambush by Tim O'Brien)

Hùng Vu, they called me, it means brave and heroic, but they didn’t realize how wrong of a name that was for me, but they will, eventually.