Shopping, Haircuts and Snowstorms


First of all, I want to apologize for postponing this post! Yesterday was a very busy day.

At around 10:30, my sister and I woke up. As soon as we were in the living room, my mom said to quickly eat breakfast and get ready. I was extremely confused, because, it seems my brain was not quite awake yet! So, I asked her why. Her reply was that we had to go to the city. Now, my brain suddenly awakens and commands me to be excited. I was quite excited, to be honest! This was because, I was getting my haircut today!! I had been counting down the days until this day!

After eating breakfast, I quickly got dressed, while yelling at my sister to pick up the pace. She is very slow, when it comes to doing anything in the mornings, because she always jokes around. When we were finally dressed and ready to go, I ran (probably not the best idea, since there was a lot of ice), to the car, calling shotgun, to get the front passenger seat.  I did, if you were wondering.  Since, everyone else was still putting their shoes on, I had to wait in the cold SUV. I was half frozen, when they came to my rescue. Well that may be an over exaggeration! 

Anyway, once we got moving, it was a nice day out. As I do, very often,  I spoke too soon. A blizzard blinded us. To make matters worse, our car kept showing an error. This got my heart beating, because I, for one, did not want to blow up in my favourite car. As soon as the error code appeared, my dad pulled over to check the Owner's Manuel. In the end, I was the one searching through that very confusing book. After I found what I was looking for, I was hit with relief. This is because it said that this error was not fatal and will clear itself out as soon as the road conditions get better. Even so, we drove to the place we bought our car to ask them if it was okay to drive. They said it was fine to drive. But my dad insisted they do a check up ASAP. So he got a date to get the SUV checked up.

After all of that drama, we finally went shopping! Although, I did  not enjoy this kind of shopping, where most of what we buy were greens, fruit and meat. Fortunately, I convinced my mom to buy me a pair of shoes, which I got! They were good running shoes, that I will need for Track.

After shopping, we finally went to the salon. I was so excited that I forgot we needed an appointment with my stylist and my sister's to have our hair cut. So we got an appointment for mine and my sister's  hair to be cut. Sadly the appointment was an hour and 45 minutes from the time we made the appointment. So we had to wait. Fortunately, my mom still had some more shopping to do. So we went to the store and bought 400 dollars worth of food and drinks. When we were finally done shopping for food, it was time!!

Once we made it to the hair dressers, my hair stylist was already there. So, the hair cutting process started with a massaging shampooing. This is usually my favourite part of the whole process. After the shampooing, I told her I wanted to get a trim for my layers and side parted bangs. She did a good job of the layers but I'm not sure about the bangs. It seemed like she cut a bit of my hair wrong. Who knows, maybe it's the style! I definitely didn't know so I let it go.

Finally we were done. On our way back home, nothing interesting  happened. I listened to some really good music and scanned outside to make sure there were no deer or other animals that may cross the road. Fortunately for me, there were none. The day was done.

For supper I got to make salad and salmon fillet. It was delicious!!

All in all, yesterday was a very good but tiring day!

If you were wondering how my ankle was doing, it getting better.

Catch you later,

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