Long Time, No Posts!!


I'm really sorry about not writing for this week! I had a lot of things to do!

Since I posted on Monday, I won't describe that day :D but in this post, I will cover most of the things I did throughout this week.

Okay so lets start with Tuesday. On Tuesday, I spent the WHOLE day preparing for the Math Contest that was coming up. It was fun and stressful, since I wan't a 100 percent sure of all the question that would be on the test. So I prepared for every possibility. Well, probably not EVERY possibility...but still! I slept at around 11 o clock that day...I think ;D.

My Pool Family!!
Then, on Wednesday, I had the Math Contest on period 3.  I was very VERY stressed! I think that probably messed me up a bit. There were about 8 people writing the test. Once the clock started, the time literally flew by! There were a few questions I didn't understand so, I skipped them. Then when the time was up, I handed my paper in. Only, after handing it in, did I realize that I FORGOT to answer the questions I skipped!!! So I spent the rest of the day stressing about the test. And I also, decided to get a few more volunteer hours.I volunteered to help out at the curling rink. There was a big game going that day! I was very excited!! I already have 180 hours, from volunteering at the community pool for the WHOLE summer! It was VERY fun!!!

On Thursday, I worked on the science project I was talking about a few posts ago. One of my very best friends and I were partners for this project. There are 23 people in my class so, there were two people that chose to be by themselves, since it was a choice of individual or two people group. My partner and I wanted to make something that didn't use syringes, because it was very inconvenient and we also wanted to beat these two other people, that stole our first idea. After a lot of trial and error, we managed to get the engine of our boat to work! It was A LOT of work, i tell you! A LOT!!! We were so happy!! After that, my friend stayed at our house for a few more minute, by which time, we had played three songs on Just Dance 2014. It was fun, but VERY exhausting!!

Only after noon did I realize that I had a piano recital, just a few minutes before I agreed to volunteer at the curling rink. So, right after school, I sprinted my way home, grabbed an apple and my mom quickly drove me to the church. I was hoping since I was in a hurry, that I will be done soon, but it took longer than I hoped it would. So, by the time I was home, I had to meet my friend at the rink, because we were both volunteering, since they needed two people. I was hoping the apple would last until 7:30, but fortunately, my mom gave me some money, so I could buy some food from the rink. \

We were a bit early, well...I mean, we were a few seconds early...but still!! They people doing their shift before us got up as soon as were came through the doors, but we went straight to the rink to watch and cheer on our team. After about 60, seconds, our shift begun. When, my ELA, Health and Phys. Ed teacher ( who asked me about volunteering) came out, she bought us two cookies and told us what to do. She is so sweet! And the cookies were AMAZING! I decided to buy 2 more of those DELICIOUS cookies and some poutine (which is fries with gravy) . In the end, I felt like puking because there was WAY too much gravy on my fries. So, I ended up throwing away some of the poutine.

After our shift was done, I sent my dad a message saying I was done, and went into watch the game. They had lost their first game BY 1!!! They are AMAZING, but I guess today wasn't their day. Halfway through the second game, my dad said he was outside. So I told, my friend to keep me updated on the game and I went home with my dad. In the end, THEY WON!!!! This meant that they were going to PROVINCIALS!! I was so excited for them!! So I congratulated them! They were very happy! So was I!! After all of that, when I got, home, we decided to watch a movie. It was a very exhausting day!!

Then on Saturday. I mainly slept, because on Thursday, I stayed up until 12:30 trying to fix up the engine and then I had stayed up a little past 12 on Friday night as well. So I slept until about 10 am. After I woke up, I made breakfast for my sister and I and begun to work on some homework. I had to study for the science test, finish my CAD assignment, finish my french assignment, study for social and finish my health newspaper article. I know that sounds like a lot, but I managed to finish studying almost halfway through the day, so I finished my newspaper article and then my french. I decided to leave the CAD and the social for Monday.

On Sunday, my friend came over to my house to finish up our project. We took a long time deciding on the color that we wanted to paint the boat. Then, once we finally decided, it didn't look too pleasing to the eye, so we covered it up with tin foil, which seemed to work....until we put it in water! As soon as the boat made contact with the water, it began to leak, so we fixed that up and left it to dry.

Then today, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The most exciting this that happened was that we began the badminton until in Phys. Ed. It was fun, but we only got to play badminton for a few minutes, since people kept talking and the teacher had to stop and explain everything OVER and Over gain. I was very frustrated with those people!!!

After Phys. Ed, I walked home with my other best friend.  It was quite cold out today; -29. I was hoping it would be warm today since it was warm on Friday and Saturday; +6. But my hopes were crushed. Anyway, I ate rice and a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then I went downstairs to work out for a few minutes. i ended up watching this TV show called Forensic Files and burning 410 calories. It was fun.

Then I started to work on my CAD, which I just finished a few minutes ago. I left the social for tomorrow

Right now, my back is Burning from sitting in this position for a VERY long time. So I think I'm going to finish this post up and go to sleep.

Catch you later!


  1. Hey.. u have summarized the whole week... interesting..)))

    And how about writing poems...??

  2. Hey,
    Yeah...I had A LOT of homework this week...
    I was trying the diary entry type posts, but poems are something cool. I will definitely try it! Thanks for the idea!!