What's this book?

       Lost in the Barrens

     This breathtaking book is by a Canadian Author: Farely Mowat. This great author lived a colorful life. He was born on the 12th of May 1921. Throughout his distinctive life he was an author, environmentalist and an activist. As the author he is, he translated his books into 52 different languages so almost anyone could read his astonishing works. As a matter of fact, he sold more than 17 million copies of his books. He has won many awards for his formidable works. 

For example he has won the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, an American literary award 

dedicated to books, poems and other written works that show the understanding of racism and the recognition of the diversity of cultures. For Lost in the Barrens he has won the Governor Generals award for Juvenile Fiction. Unfortunately his great, life that many treasure, ended six days short of his 93rd birthday, on May 6th 2014. Even as Farley Mowat's life ended, his exceptional works carry on...

    Let me warn you before you read this novel. As the book approaches its ending; it becomes a great difficulty for you to put it down. 

    Now, on with the story… 

    This story is about the adventures two boys, Jamie and Awasin, have while trying to battle the north. 

    These two boys are almost inseparable yet are virtually completely different. Jamie McNair is, or should I say was, a city boy. When he was nearly nine years of age his beloved parents died in a brutal car crash. From then on, he had been under the wing of his guardian uncle, Angus McNair. Angus had been paying for Jamie's schooling yet, recently he had been experiencing a shortage of money. Soon after he decided he could no longer carry on paying for Jamie’s schooling and asked the boy if he would like to leave the city and move to the north, Northern Manitoba. It was with great pleasure and sadness he left the city. Soon after he moves to the North he meets his new best friend, Awasin Meewasin. Awasin was a Cree, country boy. In the book he's known to be lean as a whip. He has long black hair and dark eyes. Jamie seemed to be surprised at how good Awasin's English was. He had been taking Indian school in far-off Pelican Narrows. Jamie was a city boy while Awasin was a Cree, country boy, yet these two are the best of friends.

    When Alphonse Meewasin, the chief of the Cree and Awasin's father, and Angus decide to go north to the Pas, the two boys are left behind. Being two teenage boys they had many plans in mind to keep them busy: hunting, canoeing and exploring. Sadly they realized that Marie, Awasin's mother, had other plans in mind. Not long after Angus and Alphonse left, Jamie met the Chipeweyans. They had come in need of food because their camp was starving. Since the Cree never turn anyone away from food, they generously give out the food. Awasin’s uncle, Solomon, suspects that the Chipeweyans are not telling the truth. Therefore, Awasin and Jamie happily volunteered to join the Chipeweyans on their journey to their camp. Once they got to the camp Jamie and Awasin realized the camp was starving. Hence, they got ready to head back home when Denikazi, the chief of the Chipeweyans, suggested that the boys join them on a hunting trip to the barren lands. Of course they agree. Soon after they leave the Chipeweyan camp, the boys get left behind at "the killing place", where the caribou were killed for meat. While the boys were at the killing place, the two youngsters that were left behind to "babysit" the boys told the story of the Great Stone house. Being Jamie, the adventurous one, he convinces Awasin to join him on the journey south to find the Great Stone house. On their way to the Great Stone house, they experience the ever so common rapids, yet this one was destructive. It tore the canoe into bits and left them stranded. They decided to collect their belongings and take the trek north to where Denikazi should be but soon they find that Denikazi had left. Now they were alone, once again

    Now the boys are forced to overcome many obstacles thrown at them. They interact with many things, building a shelter, making new friends and fighting the north. Will they survive? 

    Now it’s up to you to find out....

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