All About Me!

I'm kinda brave
Dinithi is my name.
I'm kinda brave.
I love to save
All kinds of waves.

My hobby is to sew.
It has lots of phews.
I always mess the blues.
Like a girl saying BOOZ!

My favorite color's Green.

And it's not so mean.
Like a really mean been.
But it's always Green.

My lucky number's four.
It's always more.
It's always glore.
Like a big brave four!  

My favorite colors green 
                                                                                                                              By Dinithi M


  1. Dinithi my dear girl;
    the success is a rain of pearl
    that you must have to feel..
    ..to washed by that rain
    with your bravery heart
    must be your future goal!

    with love,
    Warsha akka

    I came hear after a long period dear.How's your and your sisters school works are going!

    1. well .........thank you Akkie . It might be my future goal.

      We are doing very good. School is lots of fun although I'm supposed to be in grade 6 in this January if I was in Sri-lanka. How are you? Hope you have fun!

      Dinithi and Mithili.